About Us



The Story About Tod's Bay (todsbay.com)

Tod's Bay was founded in 2020 by Idris Dad (CEO) in London, UK who has earned a Bsc in Business Management at BPP Business School, City Of London. When Idris was expecting his first child (daughter), he noticed the children clothing industry was far behind compared to other E-Commerce shopping platforms. He then went on to create todsbay.com, to help other mother's, father's and families find great deals that wouldn't take up a lot of time and money!



Our Mission: Helping Families find Great Products with Great Quality at Great Prices!


Our little Tod's are the heart of it all. We love how cute they are, but they grow so fast as time waits for no one. We believe in sharing the moment 1st, not always about the money. We are extremely passionate about safety, quality and the latest trend at an affordable price. We understand time is limited, so to make it easier our shopping experience combines all sizes and colours into one to make family choices faster and easier. From play dates to birthday celebrations, casual days to photo shoot's, todsbay.com is the perfect place to find matching family outfits, maternity gear, home and accessories and more. Don't forget to share the moment 📷 📱 @todsbay